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Born in Monterrey Mexico, Chef Ruben Frias shares his treasured family recipes he grew up making with aunts and uncles. "We create authentic, organic empanadas to cultivate the joy of sharing good food."  More and more, people want to know where their food is coming from and how it was grown or raised. The Empanada Shop combines Authentic Mexican and Certified Organic ingredients with an organic start to end cooking process never before experienced in fast casual. Our handcrafted empanadas begin with organic meats slow-cooked in Mexican chiles, filled with organic vegetables and Mexican cheeses, and baked to a golden brown. Together we cultivate the joy of sharing good food.  

The Shop is a USDA inspected plant, which means the USDA inspects the Shop each day meat is prepared and our management system keeps food safety addressed at the highest standards.  Certified Organic is always Non-GMO and much more.